Meet our 2021 School Board Candidates!

Lake Forest residents will have candidates for City Council, District 67, and District 115 School Board on their April 6, 2021 General Election ballot.

The Caucus Committee is proud to endorse the following candidates for District 67 and 115!  Meet our City Council candidates.

These candidates were vetted by the Caucus Committee during the summer of 2020. At the Caucus Annual Meeting on November 10, 2020, Lake Forest Residents voted to endorse these candidates. Per Illinois law, each candidate was added to the election ballot only after receiving the required number of petition signatures from Lake Forest residents.

Thanks to all who participated in this process! We believe this process supports effective, non-partisan local government which makes Lake Forest a great place to live!

District 67 Candidates
The Caucus is nominating four candidates for the four vacancies in 2021.

* denotes an incumbent by election.
** denotes an incumbent by School Board appointment due to vacancy.

District 115 Candidates
There are four vacancies in 2021. Traditionally, the Lake Forest High School board is composed of five residents from Lake Forest and two from Lake Bluff. The Caucus is nominating two candidates for the two “Lake Forest” seats. Vote Lake Bluff, the village’s caucus, will be nominating candidates for the “Lake Bluff” seats.

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