A Message from the Caucus President

Our 2019-2020 Caucus season starts this September.  Sheila Saegh Henretta will preside as the President of the Caucus for this session. Check back soon for her message. Until then, enjoy the summer!

President’s Letter

The quality of life we enjoy in Lake Forest owes much to the collective great resolve of its volunteer leaders, over many years, to make this city a special place to live. Lake Forest is governed in large part by its volunteer citizens – something that helps keep our taxes lower than most of our neighboring communities.  And each year, there must be new volunteers to step forward and serve in leadership positions such as mayor, alderman, school board, and various other boards and commissions.

In its 84th year, the Lake Forest Caucus Committee, also entirely volunteer and non-partisan, continues to identify, interview, vet, and nominate candidates for these volunteer positions. The goal is simple – find the best person for the position, without involvement of agendas or political parties.

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of our community. And its continued success will be propped up by the strength and quality of our volunteers. To that end, I invite you to fill out a Volunteer Profile Sheet and tell us why you or someone you know would be suited to serve on city council, school board, or our 20 other boards, commissions, and committees.  Thank you for your participation and support.


Joshua Jackson
President, 2018-2019 Caucus Committee

Vote for Lake Forest!

As a fellow citizen, I am continuously impressed by the exceptional people that make Lake Forest a great place to live.  As the President of the Caucus, and previously as Vice President, Ward Chair and Committee member over five years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing hundreds of extremely capable citizens for dozens of city positions.  This is all done to seek candidates for the more than 175 volunteer roles ranging from Board and Commission members to our Alderman and Mayor.

A significant portion part our city is run by volunteers working directly with excellent Lake Forest staff and employees.  Yes, volunteers.  Volunteers like YOU.  Volunteers that represent all our residents.   Volunteers that sit on our Boards.  This process of volunteering is done in a non-partisian way that has made Lake Forest a huge success.  It’s all about “Volunteers Seeking Volunteers”.

Every registered voter of Lake Forest is a member of the Caucus.  Each Lake Forest citizen votes to select a representative group of 43 citizens who make up the Caucus Committee.   Since the 1930’s, the Lake Forest Caucus Committee has recruited, interviewed, vetted and recommended candidates for election to the City Council and Board of Education (District 67 and 115) and for appointment by the Mayor to over 21 Boards and Commissions that serve Lake Forest.  We are a non-partisan group which has term limits.  We are “Volunteers Seeking Volunteers”, and our work goes on year-round.

This year, as with all years, we invited all Lake Forest citizens to the Caucus Annual Meeting which took place in December at the Gorton Community Center.  You exercised your right to vote as a member of the Lake Forest Caucus when you confirmed our recommendation for Mayor – Robert Lansing as well as our slate of new candidates for Alderman – Jed Morris, Ward 1; Melanie Rummel, Ward 2; and Ray Buschmann for Ward 4.  I encourage you to review the candidate biographies and cast your vote on April 4th.  Early voting begins March 20th.   PLEASE VOTE!

Enclosed you will also find your Ballot to cast your vote for Caucus Committee representation for your Ward.  Please VOTE by filling out your Ballot and dropping it in the mail.  These candidates are your neighbors and represent YOUR voice through our Caucus process.

As this year’s Caucus session enters its final few months, we look to a year that will find us with a new Mayor, 3 new Aldermen, and 2 new School Board members.  The Caucus process is alive and well in our great city.  And the Spirit of Volunteerism reflects that greatness.  I am proud to be a part of it all.  I invite all citizens to get involved in the way your skills and qualities could lend to benefit all.

In Service,

Welcome to our new Website!

Lake Forest Residents
Welcome to YOUR Lake Forest Caucus! Please take the time to explore our newly revamped website. We heard you – and we responded by bringing you a better website with simpler and better access to more information.

What is the Caucus? We ARE Lake Forest – as our Caucus system is OUR form of government – run by volunteer residents who wish to serve the city to make it better! The Lake Forest Caucus Committee is a testament to those volunteers. We are a group of 43 residents who have asked to serve and have been voted on by their fellow residents to represent them. The Caucus Committee’s responsibility is to find other volunteers to serve on the multitude of boards and commissions for the city.

Volunteers seeking volunteers. What skills and relationships can you bring to our great city to make it even better?! Fill out a Volunteer Profile Sheet and let us know! And thank you for serving.

We have an exciting year ahead!  Please come back to this site as our content will be updated as we seek to fill open positions.   We have included a handy home page cheat sheet here.  We hope you enjoy our new website and please, volunteer to help keep Lake Forest great!