Focus on LFHS – Student Performance

LFHS is a top-performing school based on objective measures

Measuring Student Performance

The data support that LFHS is an academically and fiscally sound institution that is continuously improving, and the candidates for D115 Board of Education nominated by the Lake Forest Caucus will work to continue this tradition of excellence at LFHS. Please visit our candidate information to learn more:

ACT scores, 2016 data reported to Illinois

  • At LFHS, the majority of our students took the ACT in 2016, while the SAT was not required. Only 33 LFHS students reported taking the SAT.
  • LFHS posted a 2016 ACT composite score of 26.4 This is a record ACT score for our top-performing school and surpasses the excellent scores achieved at LFHS over the past several years. This measure includes all students. LFHS at 26.4 is almost 6 points above the national and Illinois averages.

AP coursework and AP test scores, 2016 data reported to Illinois

  • LFHS offers 30 AP courses, in many cases offering multiple sections to accommodate rising student demand.
  • In the last three years, the number of LFHS students taking AP tests has increased by 59%.
  • This dramatic growth of AP participation has been fostered by policies that removed prerequisites and restrictions while adding new AP courses, combined with actively encouraging and supporting our students to help them be successful at their highest level of challenge.

  • During this surge in AP participation, fully 95% of those taking AP tests have scored 3 or higher (considered a successful outcome). The 2016 national AP average is only 64%, so this highlights how well LFHS graduates stack up against the US college-bound competition.

LFHS has been named to The College Board AP District Honor Roll in 2017

Nationally, LFHS is one of only 433 school districts to achieve this

We believe that our schools, which serve our community so well, require outstanding school boards. Your Lake Forest Caucus, which is non-partisan, has worked diligently to find, interview, vet and present a slate of outstanding candidates.

Please remember, we need your VOTE on April 4, 2017 

Our candidates for the D115 School Board:

Tom Nemickas, Sally Davis, Ted Moorman, David Lane


Each of these four fine volunteers:

  • Is respectful and has a cooperative mindset
  • Exercises sound judgment
  • Builds and fosters collaborative working relationships throughout the school and community
  • Brings diverse ideas and unique skills to the board
  • Possesses no personal agenda, but rather shares a sincere interest in working together with the sitting board as a cohesive team to build on our school’s successes for the benefit of all stakeholders