Notz 2022 Term Summary

Council Contributions

Finance Committee

  • Review and recommend funding for all operational priorities of the City, including but not limited to the Annual Operating Budget, Annual Appropriation Ordinance, Annual Tax Levy Ordinance, and other policies and procedures applicable to the financial health and systems of the City.

Public Works Committee

  • Regularly assess its inventory of land, buildings and related improvements to determine whether enhancement or disposal of assets are appropriate as well as to determine whether acquisition of additional assets is in the public interest.
  • The City Council also has a responsibility to manage and utilize public lands, buildings and other assets of the City in a manner that serves the public interest, protects the health and safety of the community, enhances the quality of life, and preserves the character and traditions of community.

Property and Public Land Committee

Previously served on Personnel Compensation & Administration

City Matters Supported

  • Public safety, public works (roadwork, ravines, stormwater, etc), efficiencies (mobile app, tech infrastructure), and finance (bond rating, refinancing, etc)
  • Timely email and phones responses and follow-ups to Citizens’ inquiries on issues and or requests
  • Prepared for and Attended Bi-weekly City Council Meetings
  • Additional Community Involvement – Lake County Community Foundation Board
  • Encourage City to support local business success and attract new ones
  • Helping local manage through pandemic (financially and provide outdoor dining solution – ie. Food trucks & park upgrades)

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