Our ANNUAL MEETING is Our Next PUBLIC EVENT on November 13, 2018

The Lake Forest Caucus Committee holds four public meetings throughout the year:

  • Open Call Ward Meetings – October 23, 2018- at Gorton Center
  • Annual Meeting – Introduce our Candidates – November 13, 2018 –  Click here to see our Slate of Candidates
  • Volunteers @ Heart – February 8, 2019 – Lake Forest Sports Cars
  • Spring Meeting – March 5, 2019 – Gorton Center

The Annual and Spring Meetings: are open to all registered voters of Lake Forest.  These semi-annual meetings provide a “State of the Caucus” address by the President of the Lake Forest Caucus and a financial review by the Treasurer.  See what we’re doing and learn more about your Lake Forest Caucus and opportunities to get more involved in the community to keep it strong, healthy and a great place live.

 Open Call: is open to all registered voters of Lake Forest.  The purpose of this meeting is to educate and discuss how the caucus system works, encourage the public participation and to provide a “Volunteer Profile Sheet” to citizens that wish to be considered by the Caucus for elected or appointed positions in the upcoming year.

Caucus Community Night has been renamed to Volunteers @ Heart.  and is held in the early evening on a Friday at Lake Forest Sports Cars.  Come to meet your Mayor, Aldermen, Ward Chairs and Committee Members and slated candidates as we hold our annual Caucus fund-raiser.  Please join us and have fun with great appetizers and refreshments included in the ticket price.

All other meetings are limited to the duly elected members of the Caucus Committee and the candidates being interviewed for positions within City boards and commissions.  The Caucus Committee is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of all those Lake Forest volunteers who seek the recommendation of the Mayor.  Our primary directive is to seek out qualified candidates and encourage all members of the community to serve.

Please visit our Volunteer page.


Most meetings are held at:
Gorton Community Center
400 E. Illinois Rd.
Lake Forest, IL

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