Preschlack 2022 Term Summary

Chairman of the Public Works Committee

  • Worked with Department Leadership to retool sub-committee meeting agenda around four key topics 1) Highlighting Existing City Infrastructure and Services, 2) Brief Status Update on Inflight Projects, 3) Review of New Projects and Recommendations, and 4) Updates on any Innovation and HR Efforts
  • Facilitated productive sub-committee meetings, while reducing the average time of each meeting from 3-4 hours in the past to 1-1.5 hours

Member of the Environmental Sustainability Committee

  • Worked with Assistant City Manager on how best to engage with an outside consultant and to help prioritize and evaluate potential new CLF sustainability initiatives thru new process
  • Helped facilitate conversation among committee members on key priorities given survey feedback from City Council and staff bandwidth – GHG Emissions baseline, Ravine Management and Solar Panel Installations on City Buildings projects being investigated as a result

Meeting Facilitator and Alderman Sponsor for the Lake Forest Collaborative for Environmental Leadership

  • LF Open lands, 115 and 67 School Districts, and Lake Forest College, and the CLF are members – Purpose of the collaborative is to share best practices and leanings on how we can positively impact our community’s environment
  • Worked with City Staff to develop Agenda for quarterly meetings
  • Facilitated quarterly Zoom meetings among leaders from all organizations
  • Rebalanced the discussions of sustainability among the group from just what the City is doing to what ALL member organizations are doing and how we can help each other

Member of the Finance Committee

  • Encouraged Finance Department Chair to investigate and pursue existing bond refinancing options
  • Net results from recent bond refi will be savings of up ~$1.6m from lower interest payments over a ~20 year time frame to taxpayers

Additional Community Involvement – IT Innovation and Strategy for the CLF

  • Worked with Jim Shaw Director of IT and Innovation to plan and conceptualize what an IT Strategic Planning Project could look like for the City
  • Shared approaches and best practices and project plans from past IT Strategy Projects I’ve worked on
  • Discussed the general business case for change for IT Transformational Plans for organizations, the critical success factors, and typical approach and staffing needs to be successfully

Timely email and phones responses and follow-ups to Citizens’ inquiries on issues and or requests

  • Special efforts made to communicate to citizens and businesses before and during the BLM protest in Market Square on 1st amendment rights and what the CLF Police Department / has in place to ensure public safety
  • Special efforts to receive feedback from Citizens on the Library Capital Improvement Plan and work with Mayor and City Manager to refine approach

Prepared for and Attended Bi-weekly City Council Meetings

  • Ask staff and City Managers any questions ahead of time
  • Limited my comments or questions during CC meetings to those that benefited the public or helped key council deliberations
  • Thanked staff during meetings for their contributions to various projects when appropriate
  • Focused on the best long term interests of the CLF when making any decisions or voting on petitions

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