School Board Sub Committee Selection Process

  • Process starts in May,  ends in October
  • ​14 Member committee representing the 4 wards of the City dedicating their time by working through summer until October.
  • Multiple public notices published in local media searching for candidates for D115 and D67 candidates.  The District and the APT published their own public notices sent in email and their newsletters to encourage candidates to come forth.
  • Formatted interview process for the SBSC to learn about the current boards and subcommittees to pinpoint the needs of each board.
  • Subcommittee members included current BOE members and community members:

The Interview Process included interviews with:

  1. Education subcommittees for D67 and D115
  2. Finance/Operations subcommittees for D67 and D115
  3. Michael Simeck
  4. Current and past D115 BOE members
  5. Current and past D67 BOE members
  6. Candidates from public notices
  • After the conclusion of these interviews, the SBSC obtained an in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the two Boards of Education.  Minutes were kept the interviews were documented.  The Socratic method of question and answer was used in the interviews.  A traditional standard set of questions were distributed to the SBSC members, but the standard questions were not as the interviews were allowed to evolve into a conversation.  All members of the SBSC have equal weight in vote and equal influence in decisions.  The Chairman of the SBSC implemented the Robert’s Rules of Order to foster but not influence the conversation.
  • The standard questions are very general.  They are used to foster a dialogue with the SBSC and the interviewees.  These standard questions were used with current and past Board and Subcommittee members.

These questions include but are not limited to:

  • What does the board need? What is it lacking?
  • Describe the strengths of the incumbent board members?
  • What is missing from the board?
  • What qualities should we be looking for in new board members?
  • How is the board currently functioning?
  • Do you have any conflicts?
  • Do you happen to have any candidates in mind that you would like to recommend?
  • Open question from interviewees.