Slate of Candidates – Lake Forest Caucus

Your Vote makes a difference.  


The Lake Forest Caucus is an elected committee of 43 non-partisan citizens from each of the City’s four Wards.

Our mission is to: Identify, interview and qualify top-tier candidates for local office, who will bring no agenda and offer strong vision/oversight of our community’s
government entities.  We have worked diligently to recommend high quality candidates for Lake Forest Mayor, Alderman and School Boards D65 & D115.

Our Candidates will:

  • Respect the taxpayer and watch costs
  • Use their impressive professional backgrounds and experience towards independent and vigorous oversight
  • Focus on continuous improvement for the City and academic results for students
  • Bring a common-sense and collaborative approach to solving problems
  • NOT impose a narrow ideologically driven agenda



School District 67

School District 115