Wendy Rohrs – Secretary

Wendy is a genuine, hands-on leader who brings vision, strategy and energy to her company, Elite Communications. She skillfully builds high-performance teams and aligns them around client goals and objectives, resulting in deliverables that consistently meet or exceed expectations. Her strengths lie in her focus on strong working relationships and total commitment to quality and customer service.

Wendy’s background is based in the health care industry. After receiving a degree in nursing, she joined Abbott Laboratories, where her tireless work in the advertising and marketing divisions – including the creation of the company’s first corporate presentation graphics department – resulted in 11 promotions across her tenure. After significant corporate success, she joined forces with Mike Rohrs to co-found Elite as an independent meeting support agency. Together they have transformed Elite from a three-person team to a full-service marketing and communications firm, proudly serving some of the nation’s most prominent and recognizable brands, including Abbott, AbbVie, Takeda, Navistar, Blue Diamond Parts, Astellas and more.

Calling Lake Forest home for over 15 years, Wendy is proud mother of four wonderful children.  Wendy is actively involved with a variety of youth activities that support the development of youth in the arts and teach character building, values, responsibility and leadership skills. She considers herself an advocate for youth through involvement and is concerned with issues involving internet privacy and family online security. In addition, she is a founding member of a start-up that is focused on solving online privacy issues.  With Wendy’s extensive experience in health care and the medical industry she focuses whatever time is left to learning and sharing information about alternative health care modalities with the many people she touches.

Wendy currently serves on the PALS Lake Forest High School Theater Board (4 yrs), is currently an active volunteer for the LFHS Talent Show (4 yrs), is an active committee member and volunteer with Boy Scout Troop 48 (9 years), and volunteers to support activities of our sponsoring organization American Legion Post 264 of Lake Forest.

Downtime for Wendy is on the lake (whether frozen or thawed) at the home she grew up in Wisconsin!

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