Is the Caucus political with a liberal bent or a “boys club” with group think?

The Lake Forest Caucus is non-partisan. The mission of the Lake Forest Caucus is to provide an open, independent, nonpartisan process for recommending qualified citizen volunteers to serve in Lake Forest government and on the School Boards. All Lake Forest registered voters are members of the Caucus. Representation of the Caucus as political or labelled as a specific political party is a misrepresentation by those driving a specific agenda for their own purpose or political party. Political orientation is never discussed in our interviewing process, nor is religion, race, sexual orientation, etc which are not allowed in any interview process in the public or private sector.

The Caucus Committee is a diverse group of 43 elected individuals across the community. The Caucus Committee changes each year with approximately 1/3rd replaced with new elected members. This ensures the Committee best represents the current voice of the community. All positions have term limits and the President can only serve for one year. These dynamics help ensure group think is avoided and diversity of thought is infused yearly into the Caucus.

The Caucus has also had the honor to have many female presidents serve and it supports representative diversity across all its positions.