Open Positions in City Government

lake-forest-board-meetingThe City encourages dedicated and civic-minded residents to participate in the local government.  Any resident interested in serving on a board or commission can contact the Office of the City Manager (847-810-3675) or your local Ward Chair.  All appointments are made by the Mayor with advice and consent of the City Council.

In the Fall, the Caucus will begin interviewing candidates for open positions on the City’s Boards and Committees.  The Caucus strives to achieve geographically balanced representation by Ward in making its recommendations for appointive positions to City Boards and Committees.  Accordingly, when recommending appointees for the open positions, priority is given to maintaining the balance of Ward representation in the search for qualified candidates to recommend to the Mayor.

However, if an interested and qualified candidate can not be identified for a “priority” Ward, candidates from other Wards will be considered.

A listing of Boards and Committees can be found here.

If you are a resident interested in volunteering please scroll down to see the open positions the Caucus is currently seeking to fill.  If you are interested:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Profile Sheet (VPS) and/or
  2. Contact Your Ward Chair

Open City Boards/Committee Positions

The City of Lake Forest has positions open on the following Boards and Committees in 2021 – 2022.  Please register your interest in serving on one of these Boards or Commissions by completing a Volunteer Profile Sheet or emailing

  • Alderman – Ward 1 (1)
  • Audit (1)
  • Cemetery (1)
  • Historic Preservation (3)
  • Gorton (1)
  • Legal (1)
  • Library (2)
  • Parks and Recreation (3)
  • Plan and Review Board (1)
  • Zoning Board of Appeals (2)

More information about a Board or Commission can be found on the Committee Description page.

The Caucus Committee

The Caucus Committee is another excellent way to volunteer and meet fellow residents, better understand the issues facing the City of Lake Forest and to have a positive impact on City governance.  Caucus Committee members identify, recruit, interview and recommend qualified fellow Lake Forest residents to serve on the various City Boards and Commissions listed above.

The City of Lake Forest consists of 4 Wards (see Ward Map).

Every registered voter is a member of the Lake Forest Caucus.  However, the Caucus Committee is comprised of residents elected by mail-in balloting to represent their respective wards for a three year term.  Each ward has 9 representatives and the terms are staggered in such a way so that every Spring 3 new ward members (from each ward) are elected by residents for a total of 12 new Caucus Committee Members elected each year.