Who is the Lake Forest Caucus?

Volunteers Seeking Volunteers


Since 1935 the Lake Forest Caucus Committee has been an organization of volunteers seeking volunteers to serve the City of Lake Forest.

The Caucus Committee recruits candidates for Mayor, Alderman, School Board 115, School Board 67 and a variety of boards and commissions. The City of Lake Forest has over 100 Lake Forest resident volunteers who serve on 22 boards and commissions. These City boards and commissions provide leadership, establish policy and oversee budgets while working hard to ensure an open and responsive government.
Current board and commissions, members and their contact information are listed here.

Residents interested in serving on a board or commission can complete a Volunteer Profile Sheet. The Caucus interviews candidates and makes a recommendation to the Mayor.  The Mayor makes appointments with the advice and consent of the City Council.

So just who are these volunteers seeking candidates for these important positions? It could be you!  The volunteer members of the Caucus Committee step forward to serve their community & are elected by mail-in balloting to represent their respective wards for ONE three year term.

The City of Lake Forest consists of 4 Wards. Each ward has 9 representatives and the terms are staggered in such a way so that every spring 3 new Ward members are elected by residents. Due to the staggered terms, the Lake Forest Caucus Committee is always looking for candidates!

The Caucus Committee meets every two weeks beginning in September.  The Caucus Committee meeting schedule generally runs through mid-April.   There are two meetings that are open to the general public:  The OPEN CALL meeting is where we invite citizens to join the Caucus or put their names in the hat for any open board positions.   The ANNUAL meeting, generally occurring in the October-November time frame, is held to present the Caucus Presidents Report as well as introduce the Caucus recommended slate of candidates for the School Boards, Council member and Mayoral posts in the upcoming election season.  To see the current calendar of events, click here

The Caucus was recently highlighted by Lake Forest Mayor George Pandaleon.