Who Can Volunteer?

lake-forest-caucus-wants-youAll registered voters in the City of Lake Forest are members of the Lake Forest Caucus and are eligible to serve the community.

  • All Lake Forest registered voters are invited to participate.
  • All persons interested in serving on the Caucus Committee or
    in City elected and appointed positions are interviewed by the Caucus Committee.
  • The law requires residency in the City of Lake Forest for one year for all City positions.
  • Requisite experience and skillset varies from position to position.
  • Candidates are interviewed by local Ward members as well as by the Caucus Committee. Candidate selections are made on a non-partisan basis and are determined by an individual’s skillsets and experience, knowledge of the issues facing the position they seek, their level of commitment, their level of civility and their interest to serve, as well as their ability to serve without bias or personal agenda.

Candidates for elected positions should possess City board or commission experience and familiarity with the workings of City government.


If you want to volunteer, complete a Volunteer Profile Sheet (VPS).  This puts you in our database and someone from the Caucus Committee will reach out as appropriate.

Have a question for your ward chair (ward map here), select a Ward Chair below.