Lake Forest Caucus Mayoral Candidate Selection Criteria and Vetting Process

Step 1

Generate a list of candidates that have either self-identified, completed a Caucus “Volunteer Profile Sheet” online, or was recommended by the LF Caucus, City Council, city officials, former city office holders and other interested citizens.

Step 2

A phone contact will be made with each potential candidate to validate level of interest, desire and availability to service with a high level of service to the community.   Candidate must be a registered voter in Lake Forest, Illinois and a City resident no less than 10 months of the year.

Step 3

Validate the candidate has completed the minimum level of city service on one of five main boards and commissions or has actively served on a major city project such as Forest Park, Market Square or other similar large scope projects.  Candidates must also have served on City Council for at least one term.

Step 4

A candidate list will be reviewed with the Mayor to understand each candidates level of effectiveness in working collaboratively with city employees and elected officials.

Step 5

An informal sit down interview will be conducted by the Caucus President and Vice President to determine the candidates understanding of city operations, important issues facing the city and to assess leadership skills effectiveness.  It will be important to clearly understand their solutions to important issues.  We’ll be looking for innovative solutions to current issues that could shortly grow into major problems during the mayor’s term.

Step 6

At this point, a short list of 3-5 candidates will be reviewed and vetted with the current mayor and city manager.

Step 7

A final list of candidates will be reviewed and vetted with the Caucus Executive Team in preparation for interviews by the full Caucus Committee.

Step 8

Following the interviews, the full Caucus Committee will deliberate and vote on the final candidate to be backed by the LF Caucus.