How does the Caucus process work?

Every board and commission in City government is composed of resident volunteers. This includes the elected officials of the City Council, including Mayor, and the District 67 and 115 School Boards.  The Caucus Committee finds, interviews and recommends candidates to the Mayor for appointment to fill over 100 volunteer positions on the boards and commissions, and endorses candidates for the elected positions in general elections.

Our process includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  1. All potential candidates are identified in one or more of four City Wards
  2. Each potential candidate meets with Ward Chair to ascertain fit for specific city position(s)
  3. Multiple candidates meet/interview individually with 5-9 Ward Committee members
  4. Ward deliberates and votes to see which candidate is recommended to the full caucus
  5. Multiple candidates from different Wards meet/interview with full Caucus Committee for each position
  6. Full Caucus Committee deliberates and votes on a nomination for each city position
  7. Nomination is then sent to Mayor for review and can be accepted or rejected
  8. Accepted nominees are presented for City Council for a review and vote

The process for elected positions requires more due diligence. An example of how that process works can be found here.