What are the public elected positions that the Caucus helps fill and what is the process for selecting candidates for elected positions?

Members of our community have varied skill sets, personal interests, and experiences. The Caucus Committee endeavors to match qualified individuals who have specific skills, experience, and personal interests with volunteer opportunities to best serve the City of Lake Forest.

The Caucus Committee further serves the community by promoting civic engagement in the City of Lake Forest and, through the Caucus Committee, representing the community effectively in identifying, evaluating, and recommending qualified individuals to serve the community in elected or appointed volunteer positions, including candidates for:

  • (a) election to the Boards of Education of School Districts 67 and 115;
  • (b) election to the offices of Mayor and Alderman of the City of Lake Forest;
  • (c) appointment to City of Lake Forest boards and committees; and
  • (d) election to the Caucus Committee

If you want to Volunteer, first you need to complete a Volunteer Profile Sheet (VPS). This puts you in our database and helps us identify you each year as an interested party for identified positions. We recommend that you reach out in the summer or the fall when we start our search for the following year’s open positions. Details on our process can be found on our website.