Gorton Community Center Board of Directors


Gorton Community Center (GCC) is one of only a few privately funded community centers in the United States, and serves as a unique partnership between community volunteers and the City of Lake Forest.  Founded in 1972, Gorton seeks to enrich the lives or residents through cultural arts, education and charitable service.  Gorton is a private nonprofit 501c3 organization, and relies on the generosity of area residents and businesses to support building improvement, programs and service, offered in the historic building owned by the City of Lake Forest.

The Gorton Board is comprised of members appointed to the Board by its directors, as well as the City GCC Board Members.  The City will appoint the greater of five or one third of the GCC then holding office.  The City GCC Board Members shall serve two-year terms, which may be renewed at the discretion of the City Council.  All City GCC Board Members shall serve on the “Finance and Operations Sub-Committee,” and are full voting members of the larger board.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Reviews financial and investment reports and approves annual budget
  • Reviews building improvement, maintenance and operations
  • Reviews rental and use agreements and other activities at the Center


  • Lake Forest resident
  • Knowledge of and experience using Gorton Community Center programs and services
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills
  • Financial management skills

Time Commitment

  • Meets monthly, the 2nd Monday of the month, except in Oct when meeting is on the 2nd Tuesday at 6:00 pm
  • Estimated time commitment is 3-4 hours monthly, including meeting attendance and preparation for 8 monthly meetings
  • In addition, Finance sub-committee members will attend the Sept-Oct Finance Committee meetings [1-3 hours including preparation and attendance] at a mutually convenient time to approve annual budget