Parks and Recreation Board


The City’s special charter gives it ownership of all public parks and recreation facilities within the City and an obligation to regulate and improve those assets. The Parks and Recreation Board serves as an advisory body in regard to the development and operation of recreation programs, playgrounds, the Recreation Center, the Deerpath Golf Course, the beach and all other City-owned park and recreational facilities.  The Board also acts as a liaison between the residents and the City Council on all park and recreation matters.

The Board consists of 7 Lake Forest residents who are nominated by the Lake Forest Caucus and appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council.  Members serve for a maximum of three two-year terms.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities are financial (budget oversight) and regulatory
  • Annual budget approved by City Council.  Board oversees all capital expenditures and any request for new expenditures outside the planned budget
  • Policy is made at the Board level, but members work closely with Parks and Recreation Directory and Staff to establish rules and regulations, and answer community questions and complaints
  • Fundraising is not usually undertaken by this Board
  • City Manager hires the Director and Staff.  Staff manages day-to-day activities of Parks and Recreation programs and facilities.  Staff prepares a monthly agenda for the Board.
  • City Staff prepares and distributes a packet to the Board several days before the public meeting so the members have time to read, visit sites, and prepare for the meetings.


  • Lake Forest resident
  • Active user of Lake Forest Parks and Recreation facilities and programs
  • Understands breadth of offerings to represent (Stirling Hall, golf, beach, recreation center, parks, playgrounds, fields, etc.)
  • Good fiscal skills
  • Experience in civic engagement (or at least some related board or commission experience)
  • Fair, objective, good listener
  • Not hung up on hot issues – can be objective in the face of changing issues in the community

Time Commitment

  • The time commitment is estimated to be about 6 hours monthly, including meeting attendance and preparation
  • Meetings typically last about 2 hours and are televised.
  • The current meeting date is the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Municipal Services.
  • There may be additional sub-committee obligations when serving on this Board.