What are the expectations of a Caucus Committee Member?

Being a Caucus Committee member requires a neutral respect for all parties. Each serves to represent the City as a whole as elected representatives from their Ward. Being a productive and collaborative committee member is required, and at a minimum we expect from each committee member to:

  • Be an “advocate” or a positive promoter for the Caucus
  • Role model the nonpartisan charter of the Caucus
  • Recruit and identify candidates to serve on our boards and commissions and be equipped and appropriately informed about the Caucus processes to help answer questions from the community
  • Represent factual and verified information about the Caucus
  • Be knowledgeable about issues facing the City and in its boards and commissions
  • Proactively seek help from Caucus leadership first, when unclear about facts
  • Maintain appropriate meeting confidentiality during Caucus Committee Meetings
  • Respect meeting agendas and procedures as laid out by the President
  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Support and participate in Caucus Committee functions and subcommittee work outside meetings
  • Actively engage in meetings, interviews, etc and productively support the work defined in each meeting with respect for all members and demonstrating appropriate meeting conduct
  • Not engage in self-promotion of personal interests or personal agendas for personal gain (ie. conflict of interests)

Ultimately, the Caucus Committee member helps find, vet and recommend for the candidates they feel best meet the needs of the board and commissions they are seeking to serve. They need to be informed about how the Caucus works and help educate candidates on the process and roles they seek. They are expected to be good stewards of the Caucus with the community and to positively promote the Caucus and the good work it does for the City. They need to avoid conflict of interests and recuse themselves if they exist. They must conduct themselves appropriately in Caucus meetings and when representing Caucus related issues or participating in Caucus related events. They must be a great role model in the community for our non-partisan charter.