How does the Caucus educate and communicate with the community the good work it does?  

The Caucus uses many forms of communication to help educate the community.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Social media – join our Facebook , Instagram and Youtube accounts.
  • Email – please subscribe HERE to get our communications.
  • Our website has a wealth of information and links to the Volunteer Profile Sheet so you can get involved. See link HERE.
  • Local publications.
  • Lake Forest Community Events and billboards.
  • Fundraising and social events.

The best form of education is the existing Caucus Committee and by those that served.  Positive word of mouth goes a long way.  Reach out to your Caucus Committee members to learn more. They can be found HERE.

The Caucus Committee meets regularly beginning in September.  The Caucus Committee meeting schedule generally runs through mid-April.   There are three meetings that are open to the public:  The OPEN CALL meeting, generally occurring in September or October, is where we invite residents to learn more about the Caucus Committee and to express interest in joining the Committee or being considered for open board or commission positions.   The ANNUAL and SPRING meeting, generally occurring in the October or November then the March or April time frames respectively, is held to present the Caucus President’s and Treasurer’s Report as well as introduce the Caucus Committee recommended candidates for any School Board, City Council and/or Mayor positions in the upcoming election season.  To see the current calendar of events, click HERE.