Why does the Caucus have a Treasurer and what financial controls are in place for the Caucus?

The Caucus has a Treasurer because, by law, every political committee must have a chair and a treasurer (which can be the same person). The Treasurer is required to keep detailed records, receipts and invoices. In addition, the Caucus’ contributions and expenditures are filed publicly on the Quarterly Illinois Form D-2 which can be found on the Illinois State Board of Elections website. Although not legally required, the Lake Forest Caucus runs a background check on the Treasurer as an additional safeguard. The Treasurer also must receive approval for any non-recurring expenses. Finally, the Lake Forest Caucus Executive Team mnay review any contributions received in excess of $1,000.00. All financial details are publicly reported via IDIS3.elections.il.gov. LF Caucus ID is 4870.

If you have questions on financial matters, feel free to contact the Lake Forest Treasurer.