What is the role of the Caucus Executive team and how are they appointed?

The Caucus is an independent group. The Caucus does not have a staff. As such, the Executive Committee simply holds the responsibilities associated with running, organizing and coordinating all the activities of the Caucus each year. Examples of these responsibilities include (not limited to): fund raising, public communications, technical support, logistics management for interviews, etc.

The Caucus Committee is governed by an Executive Committee composed of eleven (11) members, comprising the seven (7) Officers of the Caucus Committee and the four (4) Ward Chairs, and has the authority and responsibilities set forth in the Bylaws. Officers include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, External Communications, Internal Communications, and Fundraising.

Officers. Candidates for Officer positions are recommended annually for office by the current Executive Committee from among Caucus Committee members in good standing and are presented at the Spring Meeting.

Officer candidates from the Caucus Committee members in good standing are identified by the current Officers. Candidates are asked to serve due to their experience, role qualifications, demonstrated leadership contributions and ability to serve. Peers can suggest or recommend candidates based on the same observed qualifications and contributions. Also, candidates may express personal interest in a role with a desire to contribute more time to the Caucus Committee. Candidates are given an opportunity to shadow existing board members to better determine if this is a role responsibility they would like to truly pursue and to better understand the demands of the role first hand. Competitive evaluations are made by the President who may seek input by various Executive Committee and Caucus Committee members.  The officers are presented at the Spring Meeting.

Ward Chairs.  The President appoints a Ward Chair for each Ward Committee for a one-year term, with advice (solicited at the prerogative of the President) from members of the respective Ward Committee and the Executive Committee. Ward Chairs are selected from among active Committee members in good standing of the Ward Committees and may be reappointed for up to one additional one-year term.