Caucus Committee

Members of our community have varied skillsets, personal interests, and experiences.  The Caucus Committee endeavors to match qualified individuals whom have specific personal interests with volunteer opportunities to best serve the City of Lake Forest.

The Caucus Committee further serves the community by promoting civic engagement in the City of Lake Forest and, through the Caucus Committee, representing the community effectively in identifying, evaluating, and recommending qualified individuals to serve the community in elected or appointed volunteer positions, including candidates for:

  • (a) election to the Boards of Education of School Districts 67 and 115;
  • (b) election to the offices of Mayor and Alderman of the City of Lake Forest;
  • (c) appointment to City of Lake Forest boards and commissions; and
  • (d) election to the Caucus Committee

Caucus Executive Committee

The Caucus Committee is governed by an Executive Committee composed of eleven (11) members, comprising the seven (7) Officers of the Caucus Committee and the four (4) Ward Chairs, and has the authority and responsibilities set forth in the Bylaws.  Officers include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, External Communications, Internal Communications, and Fundraising.

Officers are elected.  Candidates for Officer positions are recommended annually for office by the current Executive Committee from among Caucus Committee members in good standing and are presented for election at the Spring Meeting.  As with any election, candidates whom personally consider themselves qualified to hold and occupy a position of responsibility may not be deemed so qualified by their peers.

The President appoints a Ward Chair for each Ward Committee for a one-year term, with advice (solicited at the prerogative of the President) from members of the respective Ward Committee and the Executive Committee.  Ward Chairs are selected from among members of the Ward Committees and may be reappointed for up to one additional one-year term.