Your Caucus Connection is in the mail!

The Lake Forest Caucus is made up of all registered city voters who annually elect members to serve on the Caucus Committee as their representatives.  The 43 members of the Caucus Committee are chosen equally from the city’s four wards and serve a 3-year term.  The committee operates independently and without influence of outside special interest groups to identify, interview, vet and nominate candidates for election or appointment by City Council.  The Caucus Committee seeks citizens willing to serve the long-term best interests of Lake Forest without personal agendas.

If you did not receive your copy of the Caucus Connection in the mail, or have lost it, please print the ballot for your ward, vote and mail in the ballot.  Please mail your ballots by April 15, 2018. If you are not sure of your ward, please click on the WARD MAP to the right.   

Please click HERE to print a PDF of your Ward Ballot.

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