Caucus 2024-25 Officers

After careful consideration and deliberation, the Caucus Executive Committee unanimously recommended the Officers (below) to lead the Caucus in 2024-25. This was overwhelmingly confirmed by the full Caucus Committee on April 11. Our Caucus must have leadership to fulfill its mission.
  • Joe Oriti, President
  • Regina Etherton, Vice President
  • Dale Tauke, Secretary
  • Fred Brewer, Treasurer
  • Jennifer McGregor, Fundraising
  • Mark Pickett, External Communications
  • Jason Akemann, Internal Communications

Only one current Caucus Committee member who is eligible to be President in 2024-25 per Caucus Bylaws is willing to serve. This person is also the most qualified. The other Officers all have the requisite skills, experience, and willingness to effectively execute their roles. Lacking clear direction in the Bylaws on how to proceed after the Spring Meeting, the Caucus Committee decided these Committee members will best lead the Caucus in 2024-25 to sustain its mission.

Over the last five years, the Caucus Committee has recommended over a hundred volunteers who capably served (and are capably serving) Lake Forest. All our candidates for elected positions have been decisively elected, and re-elected, by Lake Forest residents. The hard work of these volunteers has helped make Lake Forest the best run city in Illinois with extraordinary resident satisfaction as confirmed by a recent city survey. This tremendous success is achieved by effective Caucus leadership, and the contributions from 43 elected Caucus Committee members.

The Caucus Officer team is committed to lead the Caucus Committee forward to do the work which has served Lake Forest well for over 90 years: recruit, interview, and recommend highly qualified Lake Forest residents to serve, without personal agenda, bias or politics, on city and school board elected offices and city appointed governmental boards and commissions.

Please join me in supporting this highly qualified and dedicated 2024-25 Caucus Officer team.

Christopher Benes
President, Lake Forest Caucus
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