Caucus Preservation Act FAQ

What is the Caucus Preservation Act (“CPA”)?

The Caucus Preservation Act (“CPA”) is an amendment to the Caucus Bylaws to preserve the Caucus’ objective and transparent process that has made Lake Forest municipal government free from agenda-based politics for 90 years.

What is the Caucus process?

Lake Forest residents elect their Caucus Committee representatives to objectively find, vet, and recommend the most qualified, agenda-free volunteers to serve on city boards and commissions and elected positions including mayor, city council, and school board.

Can I still vote for my preferred candidates?

Yes, you can still vote for any candidate of your choice in any general election. You can still vote for Caucus members to represent your interests in the Caucus candidate selection process. You can still run as a candidate in any general election.

What is a general election?

An election in the spring governed by the Illinois State Board of Elections in which a Lake Forest registered voter can vote for any Lake Forest municipal government (city council or mayor) or school board candidate, Caucus endorsed or otherwise.

Why act now to preserve the Caucus?

Typically, less than 1% of Lake Forest registered voters attend a Caucus annual meeting. Self-serving individuals can exploit a small turnout to adversely influence our elections to serve their own agenda, thereby undermining the Caucus mission.

Does this mean the Caucus will never hold a public vote on a matter?

No. The elected representatives on the Caucus Committee can hold a public vote on any matter as and when necessary to best serve the residents of Lake Forest and support the Caucus process.

Who benefits from the CPA?

Every resident in Lake Forest.

What if we don’t act now to preserve the Caucus?

The effectiveness of Lake Forest municipal government and school boards can be compromised by groups or individuals with self-serving agendas. This is one of the main risks the Caucus process mitigates.

What are other benefits of the CPA?

The CPA also allows the appointment of qualified Officers to lead the Caucus without disruption. Officers are appointed by Caucus Committee members who themselves are elected by the residents to represent their interests. Committee members know who among Committee members are the best qualified and experienced to support the Caucus mission as Officers.

Removes a Ward Chair’s service from counting against the 3-year term limit of serving as an Officer on the Executive Committee.

Allows for the Spring Meeting to be held in March or April to provide more flexibility in scheduling.

Where can I find the proposed Bylaw amendments?

The proposed Caucus Bylaw amendments can be found HERE.

When does the CPA start protecting the residents of Lake Forest?

After a ⅔ favorable vote at the Caucus Annual Meeting on November 7th, 2023 at Gorton Center.

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